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  • Sticky toffee pudding with Jack Daniels sauce
  • Upside down banana cake with caramel sauce
  • Upside down pineapple cake with maple sauce
  • Black doris plum crumble cake with anglaise
  • Apple and blackberry cobbler with vanilla bean anglaise
  • Anzac apple crumble with cinnamon cream
  • Pear and ginger or apple tarte tatin
  • Hot chocolate self saucing pudding with chantilly cream
  • Lemon delicious with lemon saffron cream
  • Choc chip pancakes with kahlua chocolate sauce
  • Hot chocolate fudge cake with berry compot and cream
  • Vanilla bean rice pudding with raspberry compot and maple syrup
  • Banoffee crumble with toffee sauce and cream
  • Vanilla or chocolate bread and butter pudding with whiskey sauce
  • Poached pears and nectarines in red wine with pistachio crème fraiche
  • Crepe parcels wrapped around caramelized apples, pears or bananas with fudge sauce