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  • Mixed leaf salad
  • Caesar salad with chicken and soft poached eggs
  • Tomato, red onion, basil and mozzarella
  • Roast pumpkin with saffron cous cous
  • Fresh coleslaw with apple Dijon mayonnaise
  • Spring onion, bacon and new potato salad
  • Roasted beetroot, caramelized parsnip and rocket salad with sesame seeds
  • Crispy bacon, blue cheese pear and walnut salad
  • Panzanella, toasted ciabatta and tomato salad
  • Spicy chicken salad in endive leaf
  • Greek lamb salad
  • Grilled radicchio and asparagus drizzled with balsamic syrup
  • Rocket and parmesan salad with soft poached eggs
  • Nicoise salad of tuna, egg, olives, capers, green beans and cherry tomatoes
  • Tofu tossed in a honey soy ginger glaze and toasted sesame seeds
  • Thai beef salad with crispy noodles
  • Prawn, watercress and orange salad with lime aioli
  • Warm duck leg salad with coconut, coriander, red pepper and honey glazed cashews
  • Roast chicken and fusilli with green beans and watercress pesto
  • Broccolini, pear and blue cheese salad with honey Dijon dressing
  • Hot smoked salmon with avocado, borlotti beans and asparagus
  • Roast butternut, rocket, red onion and peanuts with a lime and chilli dressing
  • Chargrilled new potato salad with spicy sausage, crispy onion rings and a pea and mint dressing
  • Roasted root vegetable pasta salad
  • Crispy bacon, roast blue cod, broad bean and fennel salad with lemon vinaigrette